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Editing Services


Copy editing :

  • In this process following measures are taken :
  • Correct spelling errors.
  • Check hyphenation at ends of lines.
  • Confirm that typeface and font are displayed correctly.
  • Review page numbers, running headers, and running footers for consistency.
  • Verify that illustrations and tables are placed correctly in the text.
  • Check each page spread for length, vertical spacing, widows (a short line at the top of a page) and orphans (a very short word or part of a word at the end of a paragraph).
  • Check TOC (table of contents) for accuracy by cross-referencing it with the Chapter titles, sub-heads, and any other heads in the book.
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Substantive editing

It is the most in-depth level of editing, the level at which the editor joins with the author to ensure that the text fulfills its communication goals.

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